abc After School Special
I was recently asked what made me decide to leave a great job and steady pay to start my own
Portrait of family member
(Pinetec is proud to be able to help preserve historical documents for businesses and families. We have decided to dedicate
Kansas City Times
Today, we celebrate 48 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon. Space geeks unite! It’s
Archivist Scanner
When you think of scanning, many people visualize loose pages quickly passing through a scanner, which are then turned into
Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Last month, a client contacted us about an unusual piece of history. At first glance, the book that was presented
Archivist Scanner
There is truth in the phrase, “necessity is the mother of invention.”  Throughout our early years, clients who brought bound
The drive up Mount Evans
This summer, I took a much-anticipated vacation out west to Denver and Cheyenne.  I went by myself, to watch some
As more and more of our information goes digital, there is concern about unauthorized people obtaining that information.  There are