Trust Your Document Scanning and Data Conversion to Pinetec

Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and access is paramount. When it comes to document scanning and data conversion, accuracy, attention to detail and communication are critical. We not only understand that, we deliver it every day. Pinetec has provided highest-quality document scanning, data and media capture, and conversion services to clients worldwide since 1997.

Document Scanning

Converting racks of bankers’ boxes full of paper to data will certainly save space — and money on storage. It can also positively affect your bottom line. You will be able to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Manage your data digitally
  • Meet complex compliance regulations
  • Improve office productivity
  • Optimize data access/retrieval
  • Maximize your IT investment
  • Maximize your document storage
  • Have digital files in case originals are destroyed

Large format documents? No problem

Documents come in all shapes and sizes. At Pinetec, we have multiple scanners that can handle a variety of paper sizes, from regular, legal and 11″ x 17″, to much larger formats  including engineer renderings and maps. We also work with clients who have fragile and historical documents and books. These types of materials are scanned using our non-destructive scanner. With this type of scanner bound books do not need to be cut and fed into a scanner. Their spines can be left untouched.

When metadata conversion quality matters, call Pinetec

On the surface, document scanning seems like a simple process. Paper is fed through a machine and the end results are documents on a server or thumb drive. But what happens to those documents after they are digitized? At Pinetec, we partner with our clients to provide high-quality scans and the ability to access precise content within each document, something that often cannot be done by regular office scanners. We don’t just digitize your files, we organize your content and make it easily accessible on demand.

Why Choose Pinetec?

  • Expert, experienced scanning technologists
  • Complete scanning, data conversion and indexing
  • Personal review of scanned documents for errors such as skewed pages, missing or damaged pages
  • Fast, digital access to your content
  • Decades of experience handling data

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