Metadata Creation & Conversion

reading metadata on digital computer screen with a magnifying glass internet securityAre you tired of trying in-house attempts at converting your data?

If you’ve tried converting data or scanning documents yourself, you know it is a slow, labor intensive and expensive process. Converting old scans to an updated, searchable format can be challenging – that’s where Pinetec can help.  We can convert your content into many formats that work with your in-house document management system. thereby saving you time and resources.

We will convert those old files into usable formats such as PDF, XML or HTML. You will be able search the metadata, organize and reuse databases, digital libraries and online publications, and integrate them with your business processes and IT environment.

From paper or digital format, we can convert your data to the format you need, whether it’s a conversion to PDF or more structured data such as XML or HTML, your data will be searchable, and ready for use.

At Pinetec, we have converted millions of pages of printed and digital material for clients around the world. Our experience enables us to deliver converted data to you on time and within budget.

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