The Archivist — Non Destructive Scanning

When you think of scanning, many people visualize loose pages quickly passing through a scanner, which are then turned into digital files. The majority of the time it happens exactly like that. But what about when a client has a book or bound material?  In the past, the pages would need to be removed from […]

Document Scanning

Going paperless has never been easier. Overwhelmed by paperwork that you wish you could throw away but you know you need to keep? We can help. With our state of the art, high-speed document scanners, Pinetec can convert mountains of papers into secure digital files. If it’s paper-based, we can scan it. From periodicals, books, […]

Metadata Creation & Conversion

Are you tired of trying in-house attempts at converting your data? If you’ve tried converting data or scanning documents yourself, you know it is a slow, labor intensive and expensive process. Converting old scans to an updated, searchable format can be challenging – that’s where Pinetec can help.  We can convert your content into many formats […]