USB Thumb Drives, CD/DVD Replication and Media Services

USB Thumb Drives

We can customize thumb drives with your four-color logo and load them to capacity with your supplied video program or other content.

Ideal for Conferences

Hand out your conference agenda and presentations on our custom drives we will pre-load for you. Let our experienced team find the perfect drive for your members, clients or staff, such as the Eiffel Tower drive we used for our client’s Paris conference.

These portable storage devices are functional gifts your clients will use every day, and having your contact details on the reverse side will ensure clients won’t lose touch with your company.

CD/DVD Replication

When we started out 20 years ago, CDs were the big thing. We moved to DVDs as more and more content was available. Today,  most of the content we work with goes right online. However, we still do a number of CDs/DVDs every year for clients around the country. Below is a list of products we still produce for our clients.

  • Conference Proceedings
  • Archival of Academic Journals
  • Medical Reference Manuals
  • Out-of-Print Books
  • Magazines and Other Periodicals

These products all have some type of full text or fielded search which allows for much quicker access to what you are searching for. We have decades of experience working with media-based search engines. Below is a list of products we currently use:

Audio/Video Ripping Service

We can also provide customized services such as media capture, audio and video ripping. Please contact us for more information on these services.

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