Why Outsource Scanning Projects? Here are Five Reasons Why.

Posted on November 9, 2015 by

Most companies are looking into converting paper documents into digital files.  Perhaps you need more space in the office. Do you need to archive business-critical materials? You might want to make information more accessible to both employees and clients. There are a variety of reasons. Assigning this task to employees as part of their regular job duties often doesn’t work out as planned.  Here is why outsourcing to Pinehurst would be a better choice for your business.


We don’t compromise when it comes to quality. You won’t find pages that are skewed or have information cut off because they were fed incorrectly in the office copy/scanning machine.  We make sure we account for every page. Scanning in-house can produce poor results due to inexperience or not having the right equipment for the project.


It’s what Pinehurst does. We have the proper equipment, efficient procedures in place, and quality assurance checks to be sure you get what you need.

Your Employees’ Time

Employees have multiple projects assigned to them — why not free their time to work on projects to meet deadlines and to grow your business, instead of keeping up with all your paper?  We partner with our clients so their employees can focus on the business at hand, not the business in boxes.


Over the years, we have developed efficient procedures that allow us to turn your project around quickly.  You won’t have to wait months (or years) for someone in-house to finish the project when Pinehurst can turn it in a fraction of the time. Many clients say they find it cheaper to partner with us versus the cost required to assign it to someone in-house. Our experience and procedures allow us to provide you with the most competitive pricing.


We’ve converted millions of pages over the course of our 17-plus years in the digital conversion business, so we know our stuff.  Along with document scanning, we have not only converted the majority of those pages into searchable PDFs, but also into various forms of XML and HTML that are available on-line from publishers around the world.

We invite you to contact us at (804) 752-1667  or mcdonaldm@pinetec.com and explore why Pinehurst would be a great addition to your digital document solutions.  Our staff has decades of collective years of digital media experience, guaranteeing your job will come back to you on time, on budget and exactly the way you want it.

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