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Posted on September 29, 2015 by

Welcome to our first blog post on the new Pinetec redesigned website.  We are excited to be able to share the story of our over 18 years in business. We will introduce some of our staff, and provide useful information about our industry.  We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.  One way we want to provide a little insight about Pinetec and our staff is by introducing “Fun Friday” to our Twitter feed.

Our services include document scanning, XML/HTML conversion,  and web-based solutions for capturing conference proceedings.  Our goal is to anticipate your needs by continually reviewing and updating our equipment and software.

Our posts won’t always be business related; we pride ourselves in getting to know our clients, and want you to get to know us as well.  Besides stellar client service, relationships are very important to us. In our experience, great partnerships yield great results.

If you have questions about a process, procedure, or how my latest round on the golf course went, just ask me (mcdonaldm@pinetec.com).  Our goal is to create a partnership with our clients that will enable us — through loyalty and unsurpassed service — to make you look the best in your business.

Michael McDonald


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