Pinetec At 20 Years

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What do Harry Potter, Tiger Woods and “The Lion King” musical have to do with Pinetec? All of the following happened in 1997:

  • The first “Harry Potter” book was released
  • Tiger Woods won his first of four Masters’ green jackets
  • “The Lion King” musical debuted
  • Pinehurst Technologies, Inc. was founded

The 20th anniversary is fast approaching for our company, and to celebrate we decided our name and logo needed a refresh — welcome to the new Pinetec.

The New Pinetec Logo

When I first began the company as Pinehurst Technologies, Inc., I tried to reserve as the URL. Unfortunately the URL was already taken by the golf resort of the same name. Since that URL was not available, I combined “Pinehurst” and “Technologies” to come up with Over the years, most of our clients came to know us as Pinetec.

We will still be doing business under our legal name, Pinehurst Technologies, Inc. but will be operating under the Pinetec brand, providing the same superior customer service and data conversion services we have for two decades.  Our basic product lines remain the same,  and we have expanded our document scanning service to meet the increasing needs of many of our customers.

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of document scanning. In addition to creating extra space in the office by having paper files digitized, these same files can now be indexed and organized to make it easy to find exactly what you need. No more digging through boxes and searching numerous files for that one bit of information. By entering a few keywords, what you need is right in front of you, on your desktop, tablet or other mobile device.

Until recently, major corporations and medical offices were the only ones that had a need for files to be digitized and indexed. This is quickly changing, as more and more companies see the benefit of using the Cloud as a way to quickly get access to their older data.

Conversations with new and existing clients showed us there is a real need for companies large and small to have easy-to-access digital data, but many don’t have the staff, equipment or know-how to make it happen.  Pinetec has refined the process of taking paper files and converting them to digital data. We have worked with universities, engineering firms, legal offices and publishers to provide high-quality data conversion services at affordable rates. We also understand that some companies prefer to keep their documents on-site, and Pinetec can supply specially-trained technical personnel to meet that client need.

As we move into 2017, Pinetec will continue to keep abreast of current trends, and maintain our state-of-the-art equipment to produce the best-quality product, while continuing to keep our cost competitive and maintain our excellent quality.

We are excited as we forge new partnerships that will expand our services in the coming year, look forward to continuing our current client relationships, and welcoming new ones.

Here is a look at our logo over the years:


Logo 2015

2015-late 2016

2006 circa logo


Circa 2004



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